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Keeping Control on your Teenager's Car Insurance

Here are some tips to help you control the cost of your teenager's car insurance: Add your teen to your car insurance policy instead of buying separate coverage. The premium rates will typically reflect a combined history of all drivers on the policy. Get an umbrella policy which adds at least $1 million to your auto or homeowner's liability protection. It's comparatively cheap insurance, and it's frighteningly easy to run up seven-figure medical and legal costs with catastrophic crashes. Try and keep your child's mileage down so that he or she is listed as 'occasional driver' rather than the principal driver on the car insurance policy. Read more

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All You Need to Know About Home Insurance Quotes

Due to the ever increasing number of crimes such as calamities and thefts which are taking place in every part of the globe these days, it is not quite likely that we will be able to live with peace in our minds in case we do not possess any home insurance plan. Because of this, home insurance has become quite an absolute requirement for every single home owner that lives in this world. However, signing up for quite an affordable insurance may prove to be quite a hard thing to do.

Insurers Join Forces with State Governors in Pushing for Long-term Solutions for Emergency Preparedness

Biloxi , MS. ? July 17, 2009 With the approach of the 2009 hurricane season, the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) is supporting the nation?s governors in turning to the issue of emergency preparedness and catastrophe insurance. This is occurring at the 101st Annual Meeting of the National Governors Association (NGA) located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.